Sea Campion – Silene uniflora

Sea Campion (Silene uniflora) is sometimes known as Dead Man’s Bells, Witches Thimbles or Devil’s Hatties. This plant has a distinctive fleshy leaf and produces a white flower and is a relative of the Carnation family.

Sea Campion can reach a height of 30 cm with many stems which tend to havea woody base. the flowers are usually whit / violet and approx 3cm wide with 5 peals. The leaves are usually opposite on the stalk but the leaves themselves are stalkless with a fleshy texture and each leaf has a wax covering and are slightly blue in colour.

Sea campion thrives in open areas such as shore lines, coast lines and is known to be a real costal plant but this species can also be found growing inland but without exception is is found on extreamly alkaline rocks or next to extreamely salted roadsides / motorways but is also a great edition to any butterfly garden as it is highly attractive to insects. Sea campion is strongly reliant upon seed for regeneration and it requires plenty of open ground either through disturbance or environmental constraints if it is to persist.

Height: 10 – 30cm
Flowering Time: May to July
Preferred Conditions: Sea Campion can tolerate high nutrient levels and can be found on off-shore islands and rocky landscapes, such as clifftops.

Sea Campion - Silene uniflora