Round Leaved Fluellen – Kickxia spuria

Round Leaved Fluellen (Kickxia spuria) is sometimes known as Roundleaf cancerwort.This plant produces round, hairy leaves at large intervals along the stem, and is classed as a low, creeping herb as it reaches a maximum height of 25cm.
The Round Leaved Fluellen, produces snapdragon like flowers. Each of these flowers can reach up to 1.5cm long with a narrow, spiky spur that extends from the back of the flower.
The petals of the flower are often yellow, but can also be white or a deep purple colour, regardless of colour, the flowers have a fuzzy / hairy texture. Each flower is produced at the end of a very slim stalk, that can reach up to 11mm in length, as well as bracts that are also hairy and can reach up to 1cm.

The leaves of this plant are, as the name suggests, are round but they are also slightly pointed at the end and appear on short stalks. These leaves are up to 6cm at the base but they get smaller as they grow towards the stem, and like the majority of the plant, the leaves are also hairy / fuzzy to touch.

Height: Up to 15cm
Flowering Time: July to October
Preferred Conditions: This plant will tolerate most grassland environments but can mostly be found on calcareous soil types.

Round Leaved Fluellen - Kickxia spuria