Rough Hawkbit – Leontodon hispidus

Rough Hawkbit (Leontodon hispidus) looks very similar to that of a yellow dandelion. This wildflower can be identified from the rest by its lack of leaves along the flowering stem.

Rough hawkbit is a short flower with a very hairy stem that seems to swell a little around the top of the plant. Rough Hawkbit is identifiable by its bright yellow / golden colour with a slightly orange tint on the outer edges with long and bluntly lobe leaves, this is what helps seperate it from the dandelion appearence.

Height: 10 – 40cm
Flowering Time: May to October
Preferred Conditions: This wild flower likes to grow in dry calcareous soil and does not grow in neglected grassland due to it being suppressed by larger species of plant. It is typically found in hay meadows and rock ledges.

Rough Hawkbit - Leontodon hispidus