Ramsons – Allium ursinum

Ramsons (Allium ursinum), is sometimes known as Wild Garlic, spends the majority of the year as a bulb underground. It only emerges in time to flower from April. As Ramsons flowers early, it allows them to absorb as much sunlight as possible, attracting a range of insects to help pollinate the flower including butterflies and the longhorn beetle.

Ramsons are known for their garlic smell, another feature that makes this plant unmistakeable is the round cluster of around 15 -20 white flowers on a straight green stem. The leaves are often green / grey in colour , oval shaped and narrow which can reach up to 50cm long and are nearly as broad. This is what makes the leaves bend over at the broadest point.

Height: 10 – 50cm
Flowering Time: April to June
Preferred Conditions: Ramsons like to grow in very well drained soil that has a rich base. The flower can be found in hedge banks an rocky crevices.

Ramsons - Allium ursinum