Pheasant’s Eye – Adonis annua

Pheasant’s Eye (Adons annua) is a rare flower in Britian. The flower was in a great decline in previous years, due to its intolerance to herbicides and due to the fact that it could not compete in nitrogen rich soils.
Pheasant’s Eye is sometimes known as Adonis’ Flower, Autumn adonis, Autumn Pheasant’s-eye, Blooddrops, Red Chamomile, Red Morocco, Rose-a-ruby or Soldiers-in-green.

Pheasant’s Eye has bright green leaves which are deep cut and grow on a stem that can reach up to 50 cm. The distinctive red , cup shaped flower, has the appearance of a miniture anemone, as it only spans around 15 – 25mm. Each petal has dark basal spots and the anthers are black in colour.  The flower typically appears between June and July and is followed by an oval seed head. This seed head can cantain up to 30 green seeds all of similar size and shape.

Height: Up to 50cm
Flowering Time: June to July
Preferred Conditions: Prefers to grow in chalky or limestone ground and is highly effected badly by soils high in nitrogen fertilizer.

Pheasants Eye - Adonis annua