Musk Mallow – Malva moschata

Musk Mallow (Malva moschata) is a member of the Mallow Family. This plant can reach a height of 40 – 70 cm with the stem being sparsely hairy.
The flower of this plant is typicaly 3 – 7 cm wide with 5 petals which are either rose pink or some time white and each flower has a darker vein colour. The stalks grow close together making the flowers grow in a small cluster or the stem could be solitary producing one single flower. The name Musk Mallow describes the slighly musk scent that this flower produces during its flowering months of July to September.

Musk Mallow is often found on roadside verges, hedgerows, pastures and sometimes churchyards. It prefers to grow in dry places, therefore often do well as an ornamental plant.

Height: Up to 80cm
Flowering Time: June to August
Preferred Conditions: This plant likes to grow in open grassland and well drained soil. It can be found in hedge banks, road sides and wasteland.

Musk Mallow - Malva moschata