Milk Parsley – Thyselium palustre

Milk Parsley also known as Thyselium palustre (formerly known as Peucedanum palustre), or also known as Marsh Hog’s Fennel or Hogfennel is part of the carrot family. The flower is usually white and a maximum of 5mm wide with 5 petals.
The leaves are triangular, black tipped and are alternate on the stalk.

It is easily recognisable by its carrot like leaves, although this plant is classed as “common” it is sparse. Lone plants can often be found in among other plant species. Milk Parsley is one of the best indicators of meadows that are annually submerged in water as it thrives in damp conditions.

Height: 50 – 100cm
Flowering Time: July to September
Preferred Conditions: Milk Parsley prefers to grow in damp ground that is common to flood annually, this plant will not like to grow in grazed land. It can also be found on Shores, waterside meadows and thickets, swampy margins of ponds, wet swamps, fens, stream banks, ditches.