Lemon Thyme – Thymus pulegioides

Lemon Thyme (Thymus pulegioides) is sometimes known as Broadleaved Thyme, Larger Wild Thyme or Large Thyme, and is a member of the mint family.

Lemon Thyme can reach a height of 20 cm with a stem that is only hairy along the edges with all the branches off the main stem producing flowers with a strong lemon scent.
The flower is often purple / red in colour and around 6mm long. It has a stright tubed apperance and also has a hairy texture. The leaves are tapered at the base with red spots, with the leaf being stlaked and opposite on the stem.

It is not easy to identify Lemon Thyme from Broad leaved thyme. Lemon thyme is often shorter than the broad leaved thyme which is taller and more erect.

Lemon Thyme is very popular due to its aromatic scent and is probably one of the most famous members of Thyme for use as a seasoning.

Height: 5 – 25cm
Flowering Time: June to Sept
Preferred Conditions: this plant thrives in shorter open grassland, but does not do well when it is placed in more competitive environments.

Lemon Thyme - Thymus pulegioides