Lady’s Bedstraw – Galium verum

Lady’s Bedstraw (Galium verum) is sometimes known as Yellow Bedstraw, Robin-run-the-Hedge, Maiden’s Hair, Strawbed, Cheese Rennet and Cheese Running. 

Lady’s Bedstraw produces a yellow flower, this is made up of many tiny yellow flowers that appear in dense clusters to form the main head that is well known. If this plant is dried out it produces the scent of freshly mown hay, this plant was traditionally used to stuff mattresses and particularly placed in the bedding of women about to give birth, which is what gave it it’s name “Lady’s Bedstraw”.

Lady’s Bedstraw has small, narrow leaves that appear in whorls on the square stem. The flowers appear in clusters of small 4 petaled floweres in a bright yellow colour. These flowers are open during June to September.

Height: 60 – 120cm
Flowering Time: June to Sept
Preferred Conditions: Flourishes in neutral calcareous soils and will be found in meadows, pastures and dunes.

Lady's Bedstraw - Galium verum