Hemp Agrimony – Eupatprium cannabinum

Hemp Agrimony (Eupatprium cannabinum) is also known as St. John’s Herb, Sweet Mandulin, Sweet-Smelling Trefoil and Thoroughwort or even known as ‘Raspberries and Cream’ due to its coloring. It is a tall plant that is often found in damp grassland, marshes, fens and wet woodlands.
The fluffy pink looking flower appears in clusters and is good at attracting a variety of insects such as butterflies for example the small tortoiseshell or the red admiral.

The leaves of the plant are often long with toothed edges and often appear opposite along the reddish stem. It has a large amount of pink flowers that are clustered together to form a large flat toppped flower head. The flowers appear between July until September, the seeds of this plant are very unusual, as they are 5 sided seeds with white hair tuffts out of the top of the seed that acts as a parachute.

This plant prefers to grow in wet habitats including lakes, rivers, canals and ponds. It can on rare occasions be found in drier environments, this includes chalk banks or hedges.

Height: Up to 150cm
Flowering Time: July to Sept
Preferred Conditions: loves habitats which are damp and base enriched soil. it can be found in rivers, canals, fens and lakes.

Hemp Agrimony - Eupatorium cannabinum