Great Mullein – Verbascum thapsus

Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) or is sometimes known as Common Mullein. This plant can grow as tall as 2 meters, it produces small, yellow flowers that are grouped together on a small stem which grows from a large rosette of leaves. This plant can grow in a variety of habitats but thrives in well lit, disturbed soils although it can spread prolifically due to it producing many seeds but is not known to be an invasive plant.

The flower itself is tall and candle like spike can reach a height of 2 meters, but spends the first year as a rosetter of furry leaves and it is in the second year that it produces this eye catching flower between June and August. The grey / green coloured oval leaves are covered in small hairs with a woolly texture around the tall stem, although the flowers are small they form a dense cluster of yellow around the spike.

Height: Up to 200cm
Flowering Time: June to Aug
Preferred Conditions: Prefers to grow in dry wasteland, but most commonly found on roadside verges.

Great Mullein - Verbascum thapsus