Grass Vetchling – Lathyrus nissolia

Grass Vetchling (Lathyrus nissolia) is a tall plant with an angled stem and is a member of the Pea Family.
Although this flower is stunning when in bloom, the long narrow leaves are grass like, and therefore it is challenging to pick out this plant in the surrounding grassland.

The flowers are a deep pink colour and are often solitarily or in pairs on the long stalk from May to July. Grass vetchling prefers to grow in disturbed grasslands in particular chalk and clay soils, including grass banks, roadside verges and coastal grasslands.

Height: 40 – 60cm
Flowering Time: May to July
Preferred Conditions: Loves to grow in chalky or clay soil, grassy banks, meadows or woodland areas.

Grass Vetchling - Lathyrus nissolia