Fritillary – Fritillaria meleagris

Fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris) is sometimes known as Snake’s Head Fritillary, Snake’s Head, Chess Flower, Frog-Cup, Guinea-hen Flower, Leper Lily, Lazarus Bell, Checkered Lily or in northern Europe, it is known as Fritillary.

The name checkered lily comes from the chequered pattern that is in shades of purple or sometimes pure white on the flower. The flower is seen from March to May and reaches a height of around 40 cm with a button shaped bulb that is roughly 2 cm wide.

This plant is often used as an ornamental flower but the bulb of this plant is poisonous. It can often be found in open woodlands, grassy areas and smetimes flood plains.

Height: 15 – 40cm
Flowering Time: April to May
Preferred Conditions: Flourishes in damp conditions in hay meadows.

Fritillary - Fritillaria meleagris