Crosswort – Cruciata laevipes

Crosswort (Cruciata laevipes) is a member of the Rubiaceae Family. It grows on a hairy, square stem that can grow as tall as 60 cm.

Crosswort produces small yellow flowers, these begin to appear as soon as the plant begins to grow in the early stages. The flowers themselves can be 2-3mm in diameter with 4 petals per flower. The leaves of this plant are a pale green colour when they first appear but they slowly begin to turn to a darker green later on during the year, as well as the leaves, the flowers also grow in whorls.
These small flowers can be seen in grassy woodland areas, hedgerows and roadside verges and are often found along walking pathways. The flowers appear on the long stem in the distinctive whorls with the 4 leaves.

Crosswort is common by footpaths, cycle tracks, hedgebanks, the edges and openings in woods, on waste ground, by rivers, on railway embankments and in ungrazed grassland.


Height: 15 – 70cm
Flowering Time: April – June
Preferred Conditions: Moderately drained neutral soil or calcareous soil.

Crosswort - Cruciata Laevipes