Corn Cockle – Agrostemma githago

Corn Cockle (Agrostemma githago) is also known as Common Corn Cockle or Corncockle and is a member of the Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae).

The pink flowers bloom from early to late summer on top of slender stems that are covered with pale green leaves. It produces a large pale pink / purple flower that grows at the top of a single stalk. It is considered to he a “Cottage Garden” plant as it fast growing but also a great wild flower or garden flower plant. It can reach a height of 60 cm and they are often used in a vase as the stems are ideal.

Although this plant is attractive, the whole plant and the seeds contain poisonous compounds that can provide a bad tase in they are not removed from flour effectively. If consumed in larger amounts then it has been known to cause nausea but it has also been believed that eating as little as 5 of this plants seeds can cause the individual to die due to the paralysing effect to the respiratory system.

Corn Cockle is a medium / tall plant that can reach a height of 1 meter with long, narrow leaves covered in soft hairs.

Height: 60 – 120cm
Flowering Time: June – Aug
Preferred Conditions: Can tolerate a wide range of soil types but are often found around cereal crops.

Corn Cockle - Agrostemma githago