Corn Chamomile – Anthemis arvensis

Corn Chamomile (Anthemis arvensis) is also known as Mayweed or Scentless Chamomile, and is a member of the Daisy Family. The species produces a large amount of seeds as it begins to flower in the middle of summer, this seed production continues long into the autumn months.
This plant can reach a height of 50 cm, the stem is usually branched at the base, with short hairs covering the stem, it has a very faint herb like scent. The flowers are around 2 – 4 cm wide with a single flower, which is surrounded by involucral bracts. The flowers themselves are white and tongue shaped with a yellow center.

Similar to other Daisy family memebers, the flower head and the leaves are finely divided, this gives them a feather like appearance.  The flower provides a valuable supply of pollen and nectar to a wide variet of insects in particular, hoverflies.

Height:  up to 30cm
Flowering Time: May – July
Preferred Conditions: Grows on the borders of cereal crops and prefers light calcareous soil.

Corn Chamomile - Anthemis arvensis