Common Vetch – Vicia sativa

Common Vetch (Vicia sativa) is also known as Tare, Garden Vetch, Spring Vetch, Narrow-Leaved Vetch and is a member of the Pea Family.
This plant can reach a height of 15 – 70 cm on a erect, hairy stem. The name of this plant is based on the Latin Vincere which means “to twist” this is in reference to the tendrils that twist around the leaves of the plant which enables the plant to climb over and above the surrounding flowering species / vegetation.

The seeds of Common Vetch are spread by both humans and animals. The hard outer shell of the seed can pass through the digestive system undamaged, and this is how the seeds are distrubuted. This plant produces small groups of 1 or 2 pink flowers which appear between May and September. This is a climbing / srambling plant with long, twining stems that have curly tendrils. the leavs are folded ovals and grow opposite each other on the tall stem.

Height: up to 45cm
Flowering Time: June – Sept
Preferred Conditions: Dry/sandy soil or neglected grassland.

Common Vetch - vicia sativa