Common Sorrel – Rumex acetosa

Common Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) is sometimes known as Garden Sorrel, Narrow Leaved Dock or Spinach Dock and is a member of the Dock Family. This plant can reach a height of between 15 – 60cm.
The leaves are hairless, the basal leaves have faily long stalks, and as the plants grow further up the stem they are alternated and almost stalkless.

Common Sorrel is a typical plant of grassland areas, fields and pastures. The plant is wind pollinated, the leaves have a slightly acidic taste, this acidity is caused by the oxalic acid which is also present in leaves of its relative Sheeps Sorrel. The leaves are arrow shaped, which can be eaten in salads, or as a soup as it has a sharp grape like flavour due to the oxalic acid. Although if eaten in large quantities can be toxic.

Height: 15 – 60cm
Flowering Time: May to Aug
Preferred Conditions: Sun and well drained soil. Common Sorrel - Rumex acetosa