Clustered Bellflower – Campanula glomerata

Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata) is also known by the followig names Clustered Bellflower or Dane’s blood and belongs to the Campanulaceae Family.The latin name Campanula means small bell, this refers to the bell shaped flowers, while glomerata refers to the grouping of flowers, this is at the top of the stem.

Clustered Bellflower grows to a height of between 20 – 60 cm with a maximum height of 90 cm.The stem itself is shortly pubescent and erect, the basal leaves are oval and lightly heart shaped.  The petals are either a dark violet / blue or a purple / blue in colour and consist of 5 petals.
Bellflowers are among the most popular perennials, this medium height plant, produces a large group of green leaves and appears in early summer. When it begins to flower, it produces large, clusteres of purple, funnel shaped flowers.

With the dense purple, bell shaped flowers at the top of a stiff, upright stem makes this a striking grassland plant, the flower shape with the bright colour often gets it mistaken with Gentian. Although when looked at closer, it is easy to see that the leaves are altnerate rather than opposite and the flower structure itself is different. These bell flowers are in bloom from June to October.

Height: 20 – 60cm
Flowering Time: June to Sept
Preferred Conditions: Forests, dry grassland and scrub lands.Clustered Bellflower - Campanula glomerata