Bugloss – Anchusa arvensis

Bugloss (Anchusa arvensis) is also known as Annual Bugloss and is a member of the Borage Family. Bugloss is an annual plant with wavy edged, lanceolate leaves that have swollen bases and are covered with stiff hairs. It has small blue tubular flowers with four nutlets per flower and one seed per nutlet.

Bugloss can be differentiated from its close relative common bugloss by its usually smaller flowers, and from the forget-me-nots by its toothed leaves. The large carpels have adapted to being spread by small insects such as ants, it is also found in unclean grain.

Bugloss is a short plant that can reach up to 50 cm high, and produces a small amount of blue flowers from April to September. Once it has flowered , the seeds are produced in 4 nutlets.

Height: 50cm
Flowering Time: April to Sept
Preferred Conditions: Fields, sandy heaths, dunes and sometimes waste ground, and well drained soil.

Bugloss - Archusa arvensis