Bladder Campion – Silene vulgaris

Bladder Campion (Silene vulgaris) is a perennial flower with five white petals surrounding a large balloon shaped swelling.
It is a common wildflower that is often found growing in grasslands and meadows, or even on roadside verges. Its name comes from the balloon shaped calyx, which is made up of the fused sepals that sits just behind the flower.

The flower blooms from May to September and is a medium height plant with a distinctive waxy geen / grey coloured stem and leaves. The flowers themselves are white and have 5 petals which join at the base and are infront of the bladder like calyx. It is found on a wide range of soils but prefers a ground that is disturbed often, such as rough pastures and roadsides.
The flowers are open all day, but their scent is only noticeable in the evenings which help to attract the long tongued moths. The flowers petals can often loose a lot of water during the warmer days and wilt, but during the evening, the petals regenerate and produce the clover like scent.

Height: 40 – 80cm
Flowering Time: May to Sept
Preferred Conditions: Thrives in well drained soil, mainly around grasslands and roadsides.

Bladder Campion - Silene Vulgaris