Autumn Hawkbit – Leontodon autumnalis

Autumn Hawkbit (Scorzoneroides autumnais – Leontodon autumnalis was this plants old botanical name) is a perennial yellow, dandelion like plant with branched stems. Sometime called Fall Dandelion as it is very similar to the common dandelion and it is a member of the Daisy Family.

The word Leontodon means ‘Lion’s tooth’ this is due to the edges of the leaves having large toothed edges. Autumn Hawkbit is a short, sometimes sprawling grassland plant that is most commonly confused with Catsear, but the stem swells towards the top, and the outer florets are red beneath compared to the grey colour of Catsear. The flowers form in loose clusters from July to October, the leaves form a rosette on the floor and have sharper tips and sharper lobes than that of Catsear and Rough Hawkbit.
This plant rarely spread by vegetative means, it is reliant upon its seeds for regeneration, and therefore it requires the ground to be periodically disturbed, if the seeds are to develop successfully.

Height: 15 – 30cm
Flowering Time: July to October
Preferred Conditions: Will tolerate a range of soils but prefers moist grassland

Autumn Hawkbit, Leontodon autumnalis