Agrimony (Common) – Agrimonia eupatoria

Common Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) is sometimes known as Church Steeples, Cockleburr, Sticklewort, Stickwort or Churchsteeples, and it is a member of the Rose Family. It is a perennial flower with decorative leaves and spikes of yellow flowers. A good attractor of bees and wild birds.

Common Agrimony is able to withstan some competition from larger plants but it cannot thrive in dense, overgrown vegetation, as the seeds do not germinate and the seed dies. Agrimony can be differentiated from other species by the length of the groces in the fruits.
Common Agrimony has grooves that are 3/4 the length of the fruit where as Fragrant Agrimony is 1/2 the length.

This is a medium to tall pant that stands erect with deeply veined leaves and a spike of 5 petalled flowers. These flowers are on show throughout June to August, as each flower develops into the red / brown woody fruits covered in hooked bristles. The flowers are often described to have a slight apricot smell to them.

Height: 30 – 60cm
Flowering Time: June to September
Preferred Conditions: A variety of base rich and neutral soils. Often found in hedge banks, open grassland and meadows.

.Common Agrimony, Agrimonia eupatoria