Grow To Order

Phoenix Amenity Supplies previously British Flora understands the specific plant requirements of landscape architects and engineers. If you are undertaking landscaping projects for native species, large habitat restoration or urban development creation, we can help.

We offer a complete grow to order service to deliver the best quality plants to your exact specifications within project timescales. We can grow to order almost any British Provenance native plant having unrivalled experience in pots (7/9cm, 1/2L) or root trainers (65cc, 110cc and 230cc) with the correct lead time.

Local provenance planting or rare seed collection is important to help restore our natural habitats to retain genetic integrity of plants populations and is strongly recommended for projects within or near environmentally sensitive areas.

Forward planning is essential when undertaking seed collection, as there are seasonal constraints, such as seed maturation time, finding seed doner sites and gaining collection permissions. Our experienced horticultural and technical staff can plan the whole process to your requirements and project timescales.