Ecological Consultancy

Phoenix Amenity Supplies previously British Flora’s ecological consultancy services offer expert advice and project design capabilities within the fields of habitat restoration, native landscaping, river restoration and ecology. Our long-term establishment within the industry provides a unique and considerably wide ranging knowledge base for which we are widely respected and consulted by architects, consulting engineers, developers, councils and contractors.

Call the experts today and we can provide you with ecological consultants to determine the optimum and most economic solutions for all the technical aspects of native flora establishment across a wide range of applications.

Ecological Consultancy Service from British Flora

BritishFlora’s Landscaping arm of the business means we can provide a ‘one stop shop’ from design to implementation stages. We pride ourselves on using our expert knowledge bringing to you the service, offering continuity throughout the project life cycle. For projects that require an ecological consultant, we can provide access to the best ecological advice through our own ecology consultants. We will arrange the ecology consultant to visit the site and design a solution that best befits the particular needs of the area.

Technical Ecological Consultancy services include:

  • Biodiverse green roofing
  • Bioengineering for erosion control
  • Ecology consultancy services; including phase one and protected species surveys
  • Habitat creation for protected species
  • Invasive weed control, both aquatic & terrestrial
  • Local provenance seed collection and plant contract grow
  • Plant maintenance and aftercare
  • Reedbed design, supply and plant Lake and pond planting plans and design
  • River restoration
  • Wildflower meadow creations
  • Water course dredging and maintenance.

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BRITISH FLORA Planting the Seeds for a Greener Tomorrow

BritishFlora’s considerable experience in all aspects means we are well places to assist you. Whether a large or small scale project, if it involves habitat creations, wild flowers or water, look no further than BritishFlora. We are confident that we can assist you to bring your project to fruition on time and within budget.  

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