Futerra R45HP-TRM

Futerra R45 HP-TRM – The most complete turf reinforcement mat ever!

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Product Description

Futerra R45 HP-TRMFuterra® R45 High Performance-Turf Reinforcement Mat (HP-TRM) was created from the time-proven legacy of the world’s original turf reinforcement mat from Colbond Geosynthetics.

The new Futerra R45 HP-TRM offers significant advantages over conventional TRMs, making it ideal for specialised applications such as:

  • Levee armoring
  • Canal and shoreline protection
  • Steep slope and channel stabilisation
  • Slope failure repairs

It also provides a solid foundation for Profile’s Anchor Armor™ Anchor Reinforced Vegetation Solutions (ARVS), which are definitive solutions for site-specific geotechnical stabilisation and severe erosion challenges requiring higher factors of safety.


Futerra R45HP


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