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Product Description

British Flora are specialist growers and suppliers of UK Native and local provenance wildflowers and seed.  We support the greenroofing industry in providing expert ecological and horticultural advice on species selection, biodiversity enhancement, maintenance and establishment of plants in a greenroof environment.  We have a team of skilled landscapers that can install the vegetation on biodiverse greenroofs including plug planting, seeding, wildflower and sedum blankets and other substrate and wildlife features.  We can also provide a maintenance and monitoring service integral to the establishment of a successful greenroof.

British Flora are affiliate members of British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and adhere to the flora Locale code of conduct for plant growers and suppliers.  Our in house ecologist is a Full Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) and can advise on enhancing biodiversity on your greenroof and attaining landscape and ecology credits for Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) and BREEAM.  The following Information note is a brief outline of greenroofs focusing on the vegetation system.


65cc Jumbo Plug Wildflower

 British Flora Wildflower 65cc Jumbo Plug cell tray:

  • Tray is 53 x 31 cm.
  • 84 cells per tray.
  • The depth of each cell is 4cm and there are 525 cells to 1 Sq.M.

Each cell holds 65cc of substrate. These trays are ideal for wildflowers and seedlings that require further transplanting.
We have found that plugs produced in these trays make rapid root formation and establish well when planted out, either for meadow enhancement or green roofs.

65cc Jumbo Plug Wildflower


110cc Maxi Plug for Marginal & Wetland Plants

British Flora 110cc Maxi Plug:

  • Tray is 56.5 x 36cm.
  • 77 cells per tray.
  • The depth of each cell is 6.2cm and there are 379 cells to 1Sq.M.

Each cell holds 110cc of substrate. These trays are ideal for the production of maxi plugs and for stock items used for the coir log industry as the robust, yet manageable plugs can easily be pushed into predrilled holes.

Crops such as Phragmites, CarexJuncus and Phalaris, lend themselves to this regime with rapid growth occurring in the spring and summer. Maxi plugs of any species can be ordered and there is an increasing demand for this size plant that establishes very quickly.

110cc Maxi Plug for Marginal & Wetland Plants


230cc Root Trainer

British Flora 230cc cell tray:

  • Tray is 52.5 x 31.5cm.
  • 40 cells per tray
  • The depth of each cell is 6.5cm and there are 252 cells to 1 Sq.M.

Each cell hold 230cc of substrate. These trays are used to grow , aquatic plants where root growth is often confined to the surface of the substrate or needs longer to establish fully.

Plants such as Phragmites australis does exceptionally well grown in the 230cc root trainers, which directly replaces a 7cm pot.

230cc Root Trainer


370cc Jumbo Root Trainer

British Flora 370cc Jumbo Root Trainer Tray:

  • This tray is 53 x 30cm.
  • 28 cells per tray.
  • The depth of each cell is 15cm and there are 176 cells per 1 Sq.M.

Each cell hold 370cc of substrate. These trays are a direct replacement for the 9cm individual pots, where strong root development is required, for example Phragmites or Typha.

**All 370cc are only available on a Contract Grow basis**

370cc Jumbo Root Trainer


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