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Phoenix Amenity Supplies are pleased to introduce a range of ecologically approved Herpetosure Fencing Products.

Key Herpetosure Fencing Facts

Durability – Herpetosure ecological fencing has been proven to reduce on-going maintenance by 98% compared with timber and plastic; it is vandal and shock resistant, fire retardant and has guaranteed UV resistance.

Speed of Installation – Herpetosure ecological fencing can be installed up to 10 times faster than traditional newt fencing types; reducing labour costs and achieving greater out puts.

Sustainability – Derived from recycled material, reusable and recyclable! Herpetosure fencing produces zero project waste.

Cost Effective – Unlike the timber and plastic alternatives, Herpetosure not only reduces on-going maintenance costs by 98%; upon project completion the product can be reused up to 10 times – if the fencing is in reusable condition Herpetosure will even offer to buy it back!

Many amphibian, reptile and mammal species are protected by legislation; these include animals such as Great Crested Newts, Natterjack Toads, Slow Worms, Grass Snakes, Adders and Water Voles.

Where these protected species are found on, or nearby proposed civil infrastructure or construction sites, developers and contractors are required to install ecological barriers to trap, relocate and exclude populations prior to the commencement of any works.

In addition to membrane based ecological barriers for short term use, we have teamed up with the award winning Herpetosure Group who specialise in the manufacture of sustainable and reusable ecological fencing solutions.

Herpetosure newt, reptile, snake and water vole fencing has long been acclaimed by ecological and environmental consultants; it is recyclable, reusable, it produces zero product waste, it’s lifespan is guaranteed for up to 15 years – and most importantly, no other ecological fencing product is more effective.

Herpetosure fencing offers clients a robust and sustainable alternative to the traditional temporary timber and membrane system (also available from Phoenix Amenity Supplies).
To view the whole range of Herpetosure products available please visit our Ecological Products section