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Hydroseeding Supplies (UK) is one of the largest providers of hydroseeding mulches, consumables and specialist erosion control products in the UK

HS UK are now proud to be promoting, stocking, distributing and working alongside world manufacturing Hydroseeding product leaders, Profile Products LLC.

Hydroseeding Supplies (UK)

Hydroseeding is a tried and proven method of seeding and establishing vegetation in difficult to reach areas. Covering large areas quickly, using tactile additives to ensure adhesion to slopes and other areas where seed struggles to establish and germinate 

A typical mix might include seed, water, fertiliser, mulch and the adhering agent sometimes known as a tackifier. The mechanics of the process  make it easy to create an even spread and rapid germination and growth.

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Hydroseeding in Practice

Hydroseeding may be used to seed in hard to reach areas, slopes and banks and is increasingly used to overseed worn areas on sportsfields.  Best applied to an area where existing vegetation is minimal. So for sports fields, cutting the existing grass back as much as possible before hand will help to get an even spread.

When seeding bare areas using Hydroseeding, a mulch as part of the mix is essential. Mulch acts as a barrier to slow the ground absorption, spread and evaporation of the water during the critical first few days after seeding. Also, by being in a solution, the seed mix is less prone to being disturbed by wind. 

Flexterra Growth Medium (Mulch)

Patented Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium™ (HP-FGM™)—proven to surpass all hydraulically applied mulch products and turf establishment blankets:

  • Immediately effective upon application—bonds directly to soil
  • Superior erosion control—99% effective at multiple large-scale testing laboratories
  • Excellent functional longevity that lasts through grow-in
  • Ideal for dormant seeding and long-term protection in arid climates
  • Less soil preparation, faster lay down and lower installed cost than rolled blankets
  • Faster vegetative establishment and greater biomass production than any rolled blanket or hydraulically applied mulch available
  • Minimizes soil loss and turbidity of effluent runoff
  • Proven to be completely environmentally friendly

Floc Loc Tackifier

Tackifiers are water-soluble, biodegradable organic materials which aid in binding the mulch together so the mulch is not removed from the site by wind or water. Floc Loc can be used as a temporary erosion and dust control method.

One 3ib jug of Floc Loc can provide temporary stabilisation to 1 acre of exposed soil


Generally it is wise to add the fertiliser salts to the mix just before application. A preferred system is to broadcast any fertiliser materials and incorporate them during the final working and smoothing of the field before seeding.

Hydro Fertiliser Water Soluble Fertiliser 8:14:20 +Mn +Zn (50% Slow Release Nitrogen) 

Hydro Fertiliser is a ‘Greens Grade’ water soluble, Nutralene based fertiliser that has been specifically designed for Hydroseeding Supplies for the use on professional Hydroseeding applications.
This product will provide trace elements for up to 2 months to enable optimum establishment  for young, growing grass plants.