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The tag line of the Floral Project is “Learn something new this Summer”; which with hindsight seems a very apt choice. The opportunity to do something that is both creative and has a real positive environmental impact. The Floral Project encourages everyone to learn about, plant and engage with wildflowers.
While we are on the topic of good catch lines how about “Floranthropy” for a newly coined term?

Using flowers philanthropically as an expression of your care to the community.

Wildflower seed mixes from Phoenix Amenities

Wildflower seed mixes from Phoenix Amenities

You might be used to gifting flowers to your loved ones. But this is different. Growing wildflowers, encouraging wildlife and doing a small part to ensure the pollination cycle, essential for all life and the building blocks of the food chain that we all rely on, is a way to make a real difference.
The fact that wildflower gardens, patches – even window boxes, look stunning and require little maintenance is of course an added benefit.
You can see our range here. There is something for every soil type and size of plot, from a window box to measured acreages.

See our full range of wildflower mixes

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