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Biodiverse Green Roof awarded ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating

Lend Lease commissioned BritishFlora to install a biodiverse greenroof on a prestigious building in the Greenwich Peninsula Regeneration Area.

BritishFlora supplied and installed over 40 species of British Native wildflowers, a diverse wildflower blanket and rockery areas to provide suitable habitat for conservation priority species. Bat boxes and black redstart boxes were installed on the roof and native sympathetic planting for these species will further encourage priority species to this habitat.

Greenwich Green Roof

BritishFlora have been appointed to provide a maintenance contract and long-term botanical monitoring of the site, in addition to monitoring for priority conservation species. This monitoring will provide much needed ecological data on greenroof habitats and provide information on the effective methods of vegetation installation on greenroofs.
The habitat and ecological enhancement works on the greenroof gained maximum Landscape and Ecology Credits, and led to an excellent BREEAM rating being awarded to this development. This biodiverse greenroof will act as a flagship for the Greenwich Regeneration Area, where biodiverse roofs will play a significant role in the landscape and ecological enhancement commitments within this Regeneration area.