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Recently it has been reported by South Bedfordshire’s Friends of the Earth that the help British Flora gave to the Leighton Buzzard Station Project meant that a new area of wildlife habitat creation is to be the object of a visit from the Environment Minister this year.


British Flora stepped in as a sponsor when South Bedfordshire F O E needed some help to plant an area around Leighton Buzzard Station. It is now an established wildlife area and will be visited by the Environment Minister on Thursday 3rd July at around 9.15.

Victoria Harvey from South Beds Friends of the Earth has explained:

Lord De Mauley who is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Natural Environment and Science, will be arriving at Leighton Buzzard station at 9.11 am with the local  MP Andrew Selous and the Leader  of the Town Council  Cllr Perham  and will go to  platform one to see the  wildlife area.”

“Lord de Mauley  has been responsible for the National Pollinator Strategy which the Government should be launching in the next month or two. He is visiting about  five areas in Leighton  Buzzard to see the work in urban areas on creating bee habitats. He is here for about and hour and a half and will be taking the 10.53 train back  to London. …. I am very keen that he sees the successes but becomes aware of what it takes to create such a project and how many people are involved. It is very easy for the government to  think that creating wildlife areas is  a straightforward process. “BFS1-Dry-Sandy-Soil-Wildflower-Seed-Mix

Victoria goes on to say that..

“It would be great if Liz  from British Flora (and Ecohab Consultancy) could be at platform one, the southern end  on Leighton Buzzard station at 9 am to be ready for Lord De Mauley being there at about 9.12  There will also be some of our volunteers and Colin Carpenter from  the Community Tree  Trust  and managers form London Midland.”

“….The key point is that when we  started  British Flora gave us advice  and   about  200 pounds worth of plugs and  wildflower seed which made a huge difference. The wildflower mix that you sold  and we used at  our site by the River Ouzel was the best wildflower seed that I have used. ”

…..”Many thanks –Victoria”

Everyone at British Flora wishes Victoria and the project lots of success in the BFS9future..

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