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Avanti Landscape Supplies Ltd (T/A British Flora) has merged into Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd

We are thrilled to announce a strategic decision to consolidate Avanti Landscape Supplies Ltd (T/A British Flora) under our well-established Phoenix Amenity Supplies brand. This move is aimed at streamlining our operations and offering customers a more cohesive and simplified experience.

Since 1st February 2024, the products previously marketed under the British Flora trade name have been seamlessly integrated into the Phoenix Amenity product line. This consolidation is part of our ongoing commitment to improve our service and bring our products under one easily identifiable brand.

20 Years of Service

2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Phoenix Amenity Supplies.

We are a family-owned business that began trading in 2004. 2024 marks 20 years of product quality and service. We will offer the same, consistent level of service our customers have come to know and expect, from both businesses.

We will continue to offer:

  • Environmental wildflower seed mixtures, suitable for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) projects
  • Grass and lawn Seed
  • Planting and maintenance supplies and equipment
  • Specialist ecological and erosion control products
  • Bioengineering products
  • Aquatic plants

Our grass seed range covers grass mixtures suitable for landscaping, lawns, paddock, and pasture grazing as well as sports ground and golf courses.

We offer native wildflower, grass and sedge, marginal and aquatic plants, including large quantities of Phragmites australis. We offer our own ecologically formulated, site-specific perennial and Annual native wildflower seed mixes developed from our experience of wildflower establishment and habitat creation.

Offering the expertise of 20 years of continued service with a new, streamlined approach that should make life easier for our customers to navigate as we begin our next 20 years of business.

Contact Us

For further information, please visit our website or contact our customer service team at [email protected];; 01684 212 020


We will continue to operate Hydroseeding Supplies UK, offering a wide range of hydroseeding consumable products, alongside Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd, as a separate entity. This decision allows us to focus on delivering specialised products to create solutions for erosion control, revegetation, and landscaping projects.

Learn more about our Hydroseeding services at or call 01684 212 025.


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